Back to Work.

I assure you that the title of this post has nothing to do with one of my favourite podcasts, but actually tells you everything you need to know.

I got called back in to my job after several months of being laid-off. The time slipped by too fast, and not because I was having fun. Days dedicated to watching seasons of television, video games, and working on a resume is not as fun as it sounds. I thought maybe I'd accomplish finishing one of my long outstanding projects, but I didn't.

I did however start writing for Journals Abroad. I haven't written anything for them in a while, and I know that Ryley is having some trouble getting stuff written down right now. You should still check it often. Even though I write for them I still consider it one of my favourite blogs. Got travel stories, tips, or anything travel related? You should become a contributor. I'm currently working on a recurring column for the site. I hope to have it up there in the next week or so.


It's strange I've been back to work for two days, and I already feel 100% more productive. I got some writing done last night which hasn't happened in weeks. It was nice to actually put some words on a piece of paper. What are your thoughts on my blog getting uncomfortably personal? A memoir of sorts. If you ever wanted to know anything about me it would be on here, and in detail. Like how one of my saddest moments in my life was losing my Jurassic Park trading cards on the playground in Winnipeg.


Interested in writing about music? I've been working on a little something (link) for a while, and I’m just ironing out the details. Darryl over at Teaspoon is helping me launch something I've been dreaming about for years. I'm looking for writers who are passionate about music (mainly rock/alternative and indie rock). Want to join the team? Leave me a comment here, on our twitter, or message me a little more privately through here.


Catching up.