Leash On. Leash Off.

Today there was a dog wandering the Play-On Street hockey tournament. It was a small brown pug like dog wearing a little brown coat to protect it from the pouring rain. It would wander around the main hockey rink (a bit of street they delegated the “main rink”). It was on the sidewalk, on the legislative lawn, and the rink.

It didn't strike me as odd at first, because lots of people let their dogs roam freely as the walk around the Portland of Canada. Eventually I realized there was a sense of urgency in the way the dog walk. Weary from wandering around in the driving rain and cold, but like it was looking for something. I didn't see an owner around, and I jumped to the conclusion this was a lost dog.

I dog-sit for my parents a lot, and I consider myself a semi-dog owner. I get to do all the fun stuff with their dog, and none of the bad. He's like a little brother. I wouldn't know what to do if he got out or if something ever happened to him. He's more than a family member to us.

I tried to call the dog over at one point, but it wouldn't come. Later I saw it following a couple people around, and the dog looked quite happy. I hope it found it's owners and vice versa. I couldn't imagine what kind of panic would be involved in a situation like that.

Maybe the owner should take more of a leadership role with their pet, and keep a more watchful eye on the dog. The dog is their responsibility, and they should be responsible for their pet. I don't care if you don't have your leash on the dog. Just keep an eye on your dog.