In A Coma.

I wish I had more to say lately, but I haven't.

I do have had something to write, but it's not something I'll be sharing on here for everyone to see.

This morning I got an email asking me why I decided not to do my top ten records this year, and why I decided not to do a daily prompt for December like I have most years.

I sort of decided I wouldn't do a top ten this year last year. I read this article by John Roderick, and it made me think about not doing it really. Also, I find it pretty hard to do a top ten list when I listen to so much new music every year. My short list this year was roughly twenty albums, and well it makes it a little tough to whittle it down to what I listened to more. I will probably end up posting a list of albums I dug this year at some point.

As for the prompts I can honestly say I haven't had the time or energy to put into them. Not with all this television I have to watch. I actually took a look at this years prompts, and decided to say fuck it. Prompts are fun, but when it's a bunch of mommy bloggers (not that I have problems with mommy bloggers) writing the daily prompts it isn't quite what I'd want to write about.

On that note I do need to get my writing for this blog back on track so if you have any ideas for something you'd like to see me write about let me know.

In other news people keep complimenting my beard.

I grew it myself.