Victoria Record Club: October 2011.

I know it's a little late, but I'm finally starting to catch up on life things. Some of those things include writing, and this blog. 

A few weeks ago I finally attended my first meeting of the Victoria Record Club. I've had a long standing invitation, but because I don't use facebook I never knew when or where the meetings were. It just took Michelle and Jeremy bugging me to get me to go. 

Basically you just talk music with other like minded people in a cool art space while listening to music. Throw in a couple beers, and you've got the perfect social club for Tyson. Wait...they have beer. Everyone is limited to two songs which is cool. It gives you a feel for something, and incentive to do some research into what you are listening to. We heard all sorts of interesting music from Randy's records I'm sure he found on the road to U2, Rural Alberta Advantage, and Bruce Springstone

When it came to my turn Jer decided to do a superset with my split 7”. 

First off was Spiral Stairs - “Dreams They Guide Us.” 

Spiral Stairs is Scott Kannberg of Pavement solo project. It's a really catch tune, and I would have never heard it if I didn't order this split 7”.

Next up was one of my favourite bands The Long Winters - “Connections in Nashville.” 

It was definitely a slower song for the night, but a few folks mentioned that they dug it. It wasn't my first pick of the night, but hey I'm not going to complain about hearing The Long Winters. This track has more of a solo feeling than a full band. John Roderick knocks it out of the park in my books.

So I've decided after every Record Club I go to I'm going to share the music I played for four days online. If you miss it you miss it. If you like what you hear buy it off Mt. Fuji Records. 

*** You missed it. Go buy the record.