A Sort of Concert Review: Aidan Knight.

Aidan KnightLast night (October 3rd, 2011) I ventured into the heart of Fernwood to see Aidan Knight play a house concert. 

I met up with my new internet friend Michelle (ehbseasides) who graciously picked me up a ticket to the show. I guess the one downfall of not having facebook is not knowing about these great house concert events. Apparently John Mann of Spirit of The West is a regular in the rotation for this series. 

It's been a long time since I've seen Aidan play live. My best guess is probably the second Rifflandia in 2009 at Alix Goolden Hall before he ran to the other side of downtown to play with Maurice. I've always know Aidan as the guy in seven bands at once. It has been really great to hear and see all his success as a solo performer these days. 

I think it's pretty satisfying to see people who you came up with in “the scene” getting the recognition they deserve. With that said when did Aidan Knight start having a huge female fan base? That was weird definitely a different feel from the Counting Heartbeats, Black Tie Social, and Maurice days. Maybe that's what happens when you write songs about knitting, making bread, and trumpet majors. 

There is something to be said about intimate acoustic shows. There is this shared feeling of being part of something that no one, but the sixty people in the living room/dining room/hallway will ever experience. There is a certain interaction and honesty between the artist and the crowd. You could certainly feel it last night. 

Aidan was at top form last night despite all the tuning of his guitar (I made sure to note that in my Moleskine). I think he's mastered the art of bantering with the crowd though. With topics ranging from making your own bread, this youtube video, his father's guitar collection, and ruining Empire for me. 

There was lots of energy in that small room last night. From the horn section to the pedal steel it was one of the best shows I've seen in a while. I say that being fresh off Rifflandia, and that included one of my Broken Social Scene's last shows ever. 

Let's do it again.  

Victoria House Concert B