Almost Famous.

This morning was like almost every other morning I've had over the past several months. I woke up at 6 with an idea in my head. I shook out a few drops while putting things together in my head. I started writing the idea down as I brewed a pot of coffee and made toast. By 6:30 the idea was fully formed and I feverishly typed away on the keyboard while letting my coffee get cold.

Shortly after I finished writing I warmed up my coffee and checked my emails. The last week has been interesting when it comes to checking my professional email account. Everyday there seems to be a few more messages asking me about Goldstream and when I saw its green river. Pepper in some correspondence with my friend Ryley, the editor-in-chief over at Journals Abroad it makes checking my email a treat.

Today was a little different though. In the last week my photos have appeared on in The Times Colonist, on blogs, news websites, and on television. Most of it local, but there was some outreach from other parts of Canada as well. Today was the day where I felt like I kind of made it.

There were two emails in my inbox this morning. The first from the National Examiner, a tabloid style paper marketed towards seniors based in Florida. They were looking to use one of my photographs from the Goldstream incident in a story they were writing about it. So of course I gave them a photo to use as long as the proper credit was attached to the article.

The second email was the one that floored me. It was an email from someone at Discovery Channel Canada looking to use some photographs for The Daily Planet. If you are unaware what The Daily Planet is it is a daily news and science program on the station. I'm not going to say no to an opportunity like that with a national audience on a show I watch quite frequently. So I gave them permission to use my photographs on the program.

In the initial email I was made aware that story was pending depending on what a producer said. Unfortunately the producer decided the story was a little old, as the Goldstream incident happened a week ago and the story was pulled. Afterward I got a really nice email complimenting my photos (and not just the “green river” ones either) and told if I ever take some unusual photos in future to let Discovery Canada know right away.

Sure I was a little disappointed my photos weren't going to be on the Discovery Channel, but I look at it this way. I was noticed by one of the most recognizable networks out there for my photographs. I'm slowly getting my name out there doing something I love.

That says something of itself.