A Survival Guide to the Rifflandia Music Festival.

September 23- 26, 2010 marks the third annual Rifflandia Music Festival. This being my third year attending (second as a photographer) I thought I'd give you guys some pointers so finish that Blue Buck and start taking some notes.

-Pick out your favourite flannel shirt. You should be wearing this even if it is cold and raining.
-Don't forget that V-neck (remember ladies can't enough chest hair).
-Skinny jeans are a must. They restrict blood flow to the lower part of your body so there are no worries about getting an accidental boner while dancing with a young lady.
-Ironic t-shirt? You could never have enough.
-Facial hair? You should probably look like you just came out of the woods after raising a herd of little sasquatches. Or a handlebar moustache.
-Got one of those shoe lace headbands? Why aren't you wearing it right now.

Now you are wondering "Tyson, I'm going to be standing for a majority of the night what should I wear on my feet?" Quick answer nothing with any kind of ergonomic support. The flatter the sole of the shoe the better. Chucks or Vans should do the trick, but don't under estimate the power of the flip-flop sandal. Comfortable, breathable, and when you step in a puddle or have beer spilt on your foot it will dry up right away.

You should probably buy a wristband, make a game plan, and not listen to me when I'm trying to be funny.

Now go out there hand have some fun.