My basement suite currently smells like mothballs.

Until today I didn't know what a mothball smelled or looked like. Remember every time you went to an old persons house and it smelled funny? Well it turns out that weird smell is mothball.

I'm currently losing the war against spiders and moths. There aren't lots here but there are enough to make you notice that you aren't the only one living here. Some of the spiders are big enough that they should get a job and help pay rent. I kill every single one if I see if I can for population control issues. You may not like that I kill these insects but who the hell wants them in their homes? Probably some kind of bug scientist. 

So yesterday evening I get to thinking as two moths fly blindly into the light above my computer "How the fuck to I get rid of these things?" And I finally realized what a mothball was actually used for. Killing moths.

Big surprise to me apparently when it comes to most things I'm an idiot.

Now to find away to kill some spiders with a better smelling product.