Canceled: John Roderick.

The Long Winters. Taken By Tyson Elder @ Sasquatch Music Festival.I've promoted a few concerts in my day and if there is one thing you learn quickly is the tell tale signs of things starting to go wrong. Some signs can be as simple as hushed whispers of the staff gathered together in clusters around the venue, someone running with a Shop Vac, the musicians trying to figure out how to solve the problems with management and the promoters or something completely out of the blue it can lead to a concert being canceled.  

We wandered up to the Triple Door early to escape the summer heat of downtown Seattle. We were more than welcome to bask in their near arctic feeling air conditioning of the Musicquarium (lounge) with delicious cocktails while Metric and The Bloc Party played quietly. It seemed like we had the entire staff of the lounge to ourselves while we waited for the doors to open for the John Roderick of The Long Winters solo show that evening. Soon it became apparent why we had the entire helpful staff of the Triple Door at our beck and call.

Our server wandered over towards us to deliver the bad news. She must have felt like a police officer showing up at your parents house at 3 AM to tell them you were in a car accident. The concert was canceled.  A water pipe had burst in the ceiling above the seating area of the Mainstage and now they were worried the ceiling might actually collapse. With a bit of liquid courage in me and having travelled to Seattle specifically for this show I said I'd face the uncertain terror of a falling ceiling just to see John Roderick perform. Unfortunately for liability reasons we weren't allowed in the mainstage area.

So what do we do now? We order a few more drinks hoping they find a solution to the problem. The staff and bar apologize of the inconvenience by paying for a round of expensive cocktails, switching our tickets to the September 30th show, and giving us vouchers for any up coming show at the Triple Door. All of which we thought was pretty generous for something they had no control over.

Shortly after I finish my "last" ginger old fashioned John Roderick wanders up to have a chat with a few of us and explain what exactly happened down at the Mainstage. He went on to tell us during his sound check with Kathleen Edwards and Dave Bazan a pipe exploded and a waterfall came pouring down out of the ceiling. They thought nothing of it and jammed out two more songs before they had to shut it all down.

Before leaving us John was asked "if he thought it was a sign from God." John Roderick paused for a second and  answered honestly "God, I hope not" before disappearing with his friends and fellow band members.

With all said and done we were glad just to have made the trip down to Seattle from Victoria for the story alone. I know one thing for sure we can't wait to see John Roderick September 30th come hell or burst water pipe.

(Written August 14th, 2010)