Fly By Morning.

Tomorrow morning I'm flying out to Kingston to see my sister and my nephew.

Lately I've had this odd feeling of dread when I think about flying anywhere. This is only one of many recent irrational fears I've developed and I have no idea why.

I (used to) love flying. The uncomfortable seats, being unable to sleep, the crappy food, the shitty headphones, and the terribly re-edited films to make them family friendly. There is something reassuring about a stewardess crashing into your elbow with the beverage cart and somehow always hitting your funny-bone. Or the old people scrambling over top of you as soon as the plane takes off (the seatbelt sign are still on) to go to the bathroom.

I think Peru fucked me up. Probably something to do with the full 24 or more hours of travelling one way. Not being able to escape it even for a second. I remember enjoying it but I also remember when I got back to Canada after 4 days of crazy travelling I didn't want anything to do with an airplane for at least a month. That month has now turned to 4 months.

I'm not afraid of terrorists, getting sick, or recycled air. I think know I'm going to go despite however I feel about flying because there is something more important at the end of the road. A free trip to Ontario. Oh and my nephew.

It seems there is only one way to get over your fears. Lying in your bed in the fetal position.