Thoughts on a Monday.

When did people stop telling jokes?

Seriously, when did people stop telling jokes? Remember when you could go out to any cocktail party or bbq and people would tell jokes? We all used to have our go to joke in our back pocket that we had memorized front to back. We had the comedic pauses and hand gestures down to a tee. I kind of miss hearing those same old almost corny jokes.

Today we are stuck with the anecdotes. Everyone has a funny story or mishap that has happened to them in the recent pass so we tell these long winded stories about ourselves and our friends. I know I'm guilty of this crime more so than most but I at least take solace in that you are guilty of it too.

Seriously I'm tired of hearing assholes talk about accidently signing up for a gay cruising site on the internet or being found where "hobos go to die." When will those guys learn to tell a dirty limerick.

Oh wait that asshole is me.