Don't Rob Me.

So I'm currently house/dog sitting for my parents. It means I'm not at my place with all the comforts of my place. Mainly my computer and my video games. But I do have satellite tv and a king size bed so I guess it kind of works out to my advantage.

Ketchup or Catch up.

On Friday night Rozie and Shaynebow dropped by for some BBQ action on the deck. We talked about things I think. This sobriety thing isn't helping the memory. Also Shayne spent an hour trying to figure out how much money it would take me to do the Grouse Grind with him. I might need to be heli-lifted out of the parking lot.

On Saturday I met up Jason Walsh for a photo shoot. Every musician needs a few shots to pass around. We tackled allergies, bramble bushes, thorny bushes, pokey things, and a bunch of other unpleasant things to get some great shots. I've only put one online (and it is pictured above). There are more to come once I get back home and when my portfolio is online. More on that later.

On Sunday Brian and I headed to the Comic book store. It is moving to Langford so a shit ton of stuff is on sale. I ended up picking up a few new books to read including the soon to be a tv show The Walking Dead. As well as The Sixth Gun, an X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover, and a Jurassic Park comic (I know I'm 12 all over again). I also grabbed a few records down at Ditch I've had my eye on for a while.

On Monday (today) I went to work nothing special there just regular old fashioned work.

So please don't break into my place while I am away.