Diminishing Returns.

Where the fuck have I been for the last two weeks?

I could easily lie to you and tell you I was washing oil of ducks and baby turtles or I could tell you I've been on vacation somewhere in the tropics. The truth is I've been here sobering up and being plain old anti-social.

I've spent hours staring at my entry page trying to write something of interest on here. Most of the time I'd get fed up or not think it is worth while to post my thoughts on the World Cup (because it seemed like everyone did that). If you really want to know what I thought about the final match I can sum it up in one word disappointed.

I have been writing though. Just not for my blog. I'm sure I could have posted the things I've been working on to get thoughts and such on it but I'm a little self conscious about it. Many revisions have ensued. I'm not writing a book or a screenplay.

I'm hoping to get my ass in gear and keep up with this blog. Eventually I hope to be writing for here several times all working on something else that I've been dreaming and scheming up for the better part of five years. Priority right now is to keep this thing going.

And don't forget you can always ask me a question.