This is a Commercial.

A comment, a question, a statement is enough to change your mood for a whole day.

A few years ago I worked in the shipping department of a salt mine (not really a mine) and everyday I'd come home with pockets filled with scraps of paper. Not your regular sheets of white paper and note cards but scraps of brown packing paper, corners of boxes, and other things you'd use to pack boxes of spice to ship across Canada. All these scraps of paper I'd shove in my pockets throughout the day would have my chicken scratch in blue pen or permanent black marker. All of them would have some idea, thought, or line of dialogue scribbled on them I'd thought of in the boredom of my repetitive job thinking they would be useful later. Nothing ever came of them usually I would throw the notes out later that night when I emptied out my pockets.

Recently I've decided to send myself emails in the same fashion.  I'm sure it is just as easy to write myself notes on my phone but I forget about those things and they never make it to where they need to be/ Sometimes I won't read the emails for a few days or weeks but when I finally get around to it I usually just delete them. The ideas nowadays are more about works in progress and thoughts about the future. Sometimes I fine tune them and they become jokes on twitter or something to post on tumblr later that night. But again the thoughts, ideas, and other things I send myself seem to end up in the trash more often than not.

More and more I've been trying to figure out things and sometimes reading these notes to myself help me understand. Like this note to myself from a few weeks ago that rings true to my personality and that I should try to change but I have no plans to change.

"Remember it isn't my job to be happy."