Old College Try.

Mother Mother played an amazing acoustic set on the Rooftop yesterday afternoon. I took a few pictures. and you can see them here.

I feel like I've been constantly on the move since I've finished my vacation. There is something always going on every evening and there is work every day. I was going to write about all the spiders I've killed lately at home, work, and my parents place. I was also going to write about some awkward moment I had last night but I couldn't muster it out.

There is one more installment of "Adventures in...Peru" coming up hopefully by the end of the weekend. Along with some material I might test out here to get some opinions from you guys on it before trying it somewhere else.

I'm really proud of the photos I've been taking lately and I love to hear what you guys think about the Mother Mother shots as well as the band photos from Sasquatch.

I think it is time to fall asleep listening to The Long Winters and The Mountain Goats again.