Tyson on Concerts.

People in Victoria are ruining concerts for me.

Drunk assholes seem to be the norm in this town when I go to a rock concert. Or hell even a blues show. It seems going to a concert just seems like an excuse for douchbags to be even bigger douchebags.

The same goes for comedy shows or anything I pay good money for.

I say we stop serving alcohol at events and screen the doors for drunk people, people who like AC(lightning bolt)DC, and chin straps. Let people who pay for and are there to enjoy something not have their evenings ruined because someone can't hold their booze and pukes in the third row.

I'm tired of the only thing I remember about a concert is the dick in front of me texting and the drunk asshole behind me who is talking to his friends louder than the band.

Victoria concert goers fix yourself or don't go to the concert.