Adventures in...

Peru: Part One

There is no getting around that I went to Peru last month. I was gone for a total of 4 days and a vast majority of that was travel.

The first part of my multiple part story of last minute travel to a foreign land is some questions I've been asked. I figure I could get them out of the way first so I don't get asked them a few hundred more times.

Q: Did you go to Machu Picchu?

A: Nope. Wish I could have gone but it takes 3 days to acclimatize to the altitude before you can even go up there.

Q: Did you go to the Nazca Lines?
A: Sure didn't! I would have loved to go there. The part of me that is interested in the supernatural and weird shit would have killed to have go there but time/money were a big constriction on things. I was in Iquitos for 24hrs and most of that was sleeping. I was also in Lima which is where I would have had to catch a flight to Nazca from but I was only in Lima for 14hrs. Which makes it difficult to fly somewhere for a couple hours.

Q: You went to Lake Titicaca right?
A: I really wanted to just like the other two places but time and money were a factor. I mean who doesn't want to go to Lake Titicaca?

Q: Did you eat anything weird?
A: I think I only ate once when I was there. A mixture of not being hungry, heat, and jet lag usually curbs my appetite.

Q: Did you see anyone eating guinea pig?
A: I didn't but I did see some for sale at the market. I had to read my guide book to figure out what the did with the guinea pigs.

Q: Well did you do anything cool?
A: Of course I did. I flushed the toilet to see which way the water flowed. I turned down some persistent prostitutes. I drank for hours with a bunch of guys I work with. I day dreamed while looking out airplane windows. Went to a new continent. Crossed the Equator for the first time. And looked at the Amazon for a half hour while being harassed by guys trying to sell me t-shirts, jewelry, and blow.

Q: Did you at least have some fun?

Q: Did you take any photos?
A: I sure did! I took a different approach at how I take photos while I was in Peru. You can check out some on my flickr.

Q: Would you do it again?
A: Of course. I love traveling and a little adventure like this makes life interesting. If my work wants to offer me more cool quick trips anywhere I'll go in a heartbeat.

Another part of "Adventures in...Peru" will be up soon.