Maximum Fun.

Jesse Thorn. Photo by Adam LisagorYesterday I did something awesome.

I donated to MaxFunDrive and I will making a monthly contribution every month for the rest of time (or so one can imagine).

The Sound of Young America and Jordan, Jesse, Go! two of my favourite podcasts. If you don't listen to them you really should. The guys over at Maximum Fun make me laugh quite a bit every month for free so I decided I might as well help out during pledge week and throw them a bone (it was mainly for Cocoa and Nutsy).

Today Jesse Thorn did something amazing for me!

Because of I'm now making monthly donations Jesse recorded a new voice mail message for me. You can listen to it here. So now I feel like I should give all my money to my "America's Radio Sweetheart. But I won't because I need to save my pennies for MaxFunCon.

Basically I supported something I really enjoy and you should too. Be it public radio, podcasts, music, art, sports, or whatever help out so you can see the the you enjoy grow and succeed.