Listening to Music.

I'm that guy who still goes to the record store to buy music. I could easily spend all my money and my time in a record store no questions asked. I love listening to music. I think it would be weird if someone doesn't like music.

Often when I go to a record store and I buy something I don't just buy one cd or record I buy two or three. I will give them all a couple listens but more often than not one of the albums will win and the otheres get ignored for a while. This happened when I bought Modest Mouse's 'We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank' and Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible.' Modest Mouse being the victor and the Arcade Fire album maybe getting 10 listens to date.

Maybe it has to do with a better constructed album or how I'm feeling. Either way I want to listen to multiple albums equally but that never seems to happen.

I've been really excited for months to get my hands on the Broken Social Scene album 'Forgiveness Rock Record' and I did. It was good but not life changing for me like their self titled sophmore release. It felt like the band had done some growing during the "Broken Social Scene Presents"  series but that didn't show as much on this album. It seemed like they took their standard formula of making a great record and just did it again. Don't get me wrong I've listen to this album several times already and I really enjoy it but there is another album I'm enjoying more.

Yesterday I picked up the new Foals album 'Total Life Forever.' I listened the shit out 'Antidotes' their debut album well because it was really good. This album is just as good for different reasons.  Obviously a lot has happened/changed since recording the first album resulting in a more "grown up" feel. Not so much focused on being an "indie rock" band but more of a band. I'm really in love with the track "Spanish Sahara" it is also an amazing music video. I would have had no idea who these guys were if I didn't see them at Sub Pop's 20th Anniversary.

Speaking of Sub Pop's 20th on Record Store day they released a cd with a bunch of live performances from the two days of concerts in Marymoor Park in Seattle. It is probably my favourite thing to listen to right now because I was there and it brings back memories.

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Which album will I listen to the most? Only time will tell.