Hoarder of e-mails.

Right now I'm staring at 4 years of old mail in my archives and all I want to do is delete it.

What is sitting in my archives? Old emails from ex girlfriends, emails from old friends, account information from things I no longer use, myspace friend requests, flickr requests, wordpress junk, squarespace junk, and plenty of other shit I'll never read or use again.

So why can't I delete it? Why does it just sit there collecting dust like so many other things I own?

I look at these things like they are a burden but somehow I hold on to old things I don't need anymore. I'm tired of carrying this extra baggage around with me it is time to clean up.

I recently did a spring clean of physical items in my place. I happily donated 7 garbage bags worth of clothes, jackets, and sweaters to the local thrift store. Along with household items and some old books. I'm trying to embrace the idea of not owning as much. Especially when it comes to things I no longer use or need.

I have to tackle the inbox. It is something I've been putting off for far to long.

I might be getting bigger but my inbox doesn't need to.