Sometimes I just stare at clouds for no particular reason. Just for a moment to contemplate how artificial they look in that big blue sky.

When I was a kid I used to have these nose bleeds out of nowhere. Looking back it seems hard to believe how much blood could come out of little kid. Blood would gush from my nose like an unpredictable geyser. I'm sure I destroyed countless amounts of clothes over the years when I had the nose bleeds. I'm not sure what a doctor ever said about them since I was so young but eventually they had the inside of my nose cauterized to prevent it from bleeding.

Sometimes I remember these nose bleeds. Nothing major just a childhood memory. I was looking out my grandparents glass patio door and the next thing I remember I'm covered in blood.

Lately but not frequently I've been having nose bleeds. I haven't noticed them. I'll wipe my nose to find a deep red covering a tissue or my hand and realize that the blood has been soaking into my mustache for a while. It isn't like the ones I had when I was a kid these ones are small and are gone as soon as I notice them. It makes me wonder if I'm sick or there is something seriously wrong.

So sometimes I just look up with the bridge of my nose pinched and I stare at clouds.