The Life of Tyson.

Part of me just wanted to make a run for it. Head for the coast and disappear forever. Instead I did what the other part of me decided to be honest and take responsibility.

I've always felt like I could never truly be happy. Every time I feel like I'm making a stride forward I get knocked on my ass with something to bring me down. It is like the world or God (depending on how you look at it) says "Tyson you have no right to be happy. So fuck you!"

I don't think of myself as a good person by any means nor do I think I'm a bad person. I'm your run of the mill average person who deals with situations on a day to day basis which I have to deal with accordingly. I often think of Karma it can work for you or work against you. I often feel no matter what I do it works against me.

It is like swimming upstream. You seem to make no headway and give up to settle into your fate

But I also believe we have a say in our own fate. Be it our own life decisions or the ones we make for others. If you make the "right" decisions in life you have a chance to be happy. If you make the "wrong" ones maybe you don't have a chance to be happy.

So what decisions do I make? How do they affect my life? How do they affect others? Why do bad things happen to me when I try to live a good life?

There are too many questions to ask that don't seem to get answers. I guess we will just see how this plays out.