Saturday Nights.

I've been using my tumblr quite a bit in the last few days because I have a short attention span. Plus I don't want to dillute the already watery blog I've got going on here. So if you are ever wondering why I'm not posting on here check the tumblr.

I've been cleaning my place in bits and pieces over the last few weeks. Focusing more on corners and piles of junk scattered through out. I've gone through boxes recycled more than enough paper to save a tree or two and thrown out my fair share of crap i've been holding onto for no real reason.

I'm thinking of moving stuff around here. Mainly my office area in the rational of better productivity. The move of my desk probably won't help but it will get me away from the heater that kicks on all the time.

On the topic of productivity it sounds like I'm getting some help from Darryl on my portfolio. That is right a dedicated website to my photography and a photoblog to keep everyone updated on my photo taking.

Also Darryl is working on something very cool called Fooodie. It sounds like I'm going to be helping on this project a little so I'm excited for that.