World Wide Weirdos.

The internet is a funny place but sometimes it skeeves me out.

How ladies put pictures of themselves with out the constant fear of some weirdo finding it I'll never know. There a few of my photos of female friends on flickr that have been favourited or have ended up on some very messed up websites and forums. It is messed up. People out there have some fucked up fetishes like girls in dunk tanks, girls and statues, and girls with casts.

How does it get to the point where they go "Fuck! Normal porn doesn't do it for me anymore. I need to find a picture of a girl riding a t-rex, with bunny ears on, and Big Bird is masturbating in the corner." So here is my story about the internet being full of creeps.

A few years ago I signed up for what I thought was a beard enthusiast site. Something like Beardface or Beardbook I can't remember but I remember Shaynebow had recommended I join this social networking site for people with beards.

So I created an account. Just like every other social networking site I put up a picture of myself and some kind of funny statement about myself. Generally it is "In Beard We Trust." I leave it at that and come back to it a few hours or days later and there are several "welcome" messages. The first one is a little weird something about hugs or some weird junk like that. The further down the list the more I got creeped out. The last comment having things like "semen, beard, and buttsex" all in two sentences.

I deleted my account immediately after reading that comment.

No thank you! Not for me! I like ladies.

Shayne had sent me to a site I thought was about beards but turned out to be a bear cruising site. How I didn't guess it before is a mystery to me. It made me wonder two things. How did Shayne know about this website? And are people tugging one out to a picture of me on the internet?

I'm okay with all the ladies out there who are attracted to me because of some kind of father issue they need to resolve with an overweight bearded man or the ones out there who lust for Grizzly Adams but the idea of some guy sitting at home tugging one out to a picture of me in Vienna weirds me out. There must be someone out there doing this because I've seen who favourites my flickr photos and what else they've favourited. A picture of me in all my majesty doesn't go well next to a picture of an ejaculating penis.

My narcassism only goes so far and it stops at penises.