Food for Thought.

I cleaned out my pantry today.

I took out all the food that I don't eat or that is expired. I bagged up the good stuff to drop off at the food bank and threw out the rancid tomato sauce.

Now my pantry consists of two cans of corn, a can of peas, a couple cans of soup, some canned fruit, a bag of linguine noodles (which I probably won't use), some curry, old microwavable popcorn, and instant rice. For some reason I feel relieved that all this extra food that I don't use or want is gone.

Why did I even buy it if I wasn't going to use it?

I need to go through my fridge next. Give it a good clean and throw away all the condiments I don't use or need. I don't need seven types of generic mustard and hot sauces. I don't need those creamy salad dressings I never use or that jar of mayo I bought specifically for a croquet party bbq.

I like it when the only thing in my fridge is beer, fresh fruit and vegetables, water, ice, and some kind of vegetarian protein.

We all have dreams and mine are of minimalist food storage.