My Boring Ass Day Off.

Speaking of feeling weird I took today off from work so I could have a long weekend.

Some bastard little frog was outside my window this morning. Croaking and hopping around in the ivy. I do believe I told the little amphibian to and I quote "Shut the fuck up or I would murder its entire family by throwing them in a campfire."

The croaking stopped. Well for five minutes but that was enough time to discover I had a hang over creeping up on me.

So as I normally do in these situations I popped some pills, drank some water, made tea, and watched things on the internet. Nothing to interesting just things from the BBC documentary series "Life." I tried to figure out how I could fit so much gin in my stomach and realized it is a pretty big gut.

I popped over to my folks place to take the dog for a walk while my mom is at work and my dad is on a cross country roadtrip. I took a nap on their big comfy leather couch while watching "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Came home to chat Fooodie with Darryl and headed into Victoria.

Met up with Shaynebow and Rozie for some Indian food. Learned Rozie is going to refer to Shayne  and I as "The Girls" since she doesn't have many friends with vaginas. After eating far to much Indian food we went and caught a rom-com because that is the most appropriate choice for three single people to make when going to the movies. "She's Out of My League" was pretty funny. Some great one liners. But your regular run of the mill rom-com.

I'm home now and blogging about my day off. So that is my boring ass day off.