Daylight Savings Time.

It is getting late and I'm not to worried anymore.

There is a sizeable distance between myself and who I was. It might not be noticible to anyone right now or ever but I can tell.

I drift off. I go through the motions. I dream. I get things done for the most part.

I catch myself staring into space and the night sky without a thought in my mind. I slept by the ocean today because I couldn't shake this weird feeling I've been having lately. I can't describe it. It isn't being sad, happy, content, or anything I can label. It is is just there. Maybe it is the amount of shit I've been putting up with lately or maybe I'm just not here right now.

I keep having weird dreams (think Wayne's World 2) and can't shake the fact that I'm supposed to be doing something different. I'm not sure what I should be doing but I sure the hell know what I shouldn't be doing and that is complaining.

Is this what apathy feels like?