The Spirit of my Radio.

It is official. My stereo is dead.

When I got home from work today I decided to fire up "Gordon" while I made dinner. So instinctively I reached for my ipod which I conveniently had forgotten at work. No worries I've got it on cd. Oh wait my cd player is broken. Wedged open with a new wave cd from Starbucks jammed in there.

That is a no go for ipod and cd. So what else can I do about it? That is when I realize I have the cassette laying around here somewhere. I find it in my office amongst a pile of other tapes from Van Halen, Rodchester Kings, and The Ventures.

Remember when we used to listen to cassette tapes? I do and sometimes I still listen to them.

I pop the tape into the tape player and hit play. Nothing. Maybe it isn't rewound? So I flip it over and hit play. Nothing. I eject the tape look at the the things that spin the tape when I hit play and they aren't moving. So I give up on the idea of listening to the Barenaked Ladies and play a Bill Cosby LP on my old Fisher record player.

It looks like my stereo I bought 8 years ago doesn't work anymore. Which means I'm going to have to look for a new cd player soon. Maybe I'll work on that home theatre dream all males are supposed to dream about. But all I really need to do is hook up a cd player to my Fisher. It seems like Future Shop only has one cd player for sale these days.

Are cds really dying off so fast that electronic stores are pretty much have stopped stocking them on their shelves? I still buy music. Sometimes I buy cds and records. Sometimes I buy digital music but if I can I buy a physical copy of most albums. I'm sure I know plenty of other people who do that as well. But this is a rant for another time.

Do you think I should get a tape player as well?