After the Gold Rush.

Today is the first day after the Winter Olympics.

My morning was filled with "Did you see the game?" questions and answers. Slowly things went on. Forgetting our friend who passed away and we focused more on some bizarre patriotic spectacle full of giant Mountie hats, inflatable beavers, and other stereotypes.

The commuters of Vancouver clogged the highways once again and the streets were full litter, propaganda, and "Go Canada!" car flags. The Olympics left a shadow so big we could forget to follow the Para-Olympic Games.

Tomorrow we will deal with what seems to be the everlasting debt the Olympics will have left behind and if we have time we will deal with the homeless that they shipped to the Island. But only if we have time.

I admit I got caught up in the mess as well. I felt my share of Canadian pride.

I wasn't anti-Olympics. Nor am I now. I'm just depressingly focused on the problems that will be at hand shortly. I know we will be paying for it for a long time to come.

I'm hiding my money in my mattress from now on.