The Playlist.

I'm on a quest to make the ultimate driving playlist.

Last year Darryl and I had a few drinks at the Lennox Pub after catching a Canucks game and started working on the idea of making a great 5-6 hour driving playlist for the drive to Sasquatch. Of course we forgot 90% of what we thought would be great songs to listen to while driving but we started working on it anyways. In the end we made it less than a 2 days of leaving for Sasquatch.  It felt rushed and had far to much filler for my liking and we also added some songs to appease.

I made some interesting rules that we tried to follow and almost succeeded in.  Here are some of them.

  1. The songs have to be good to drive to for everyone in the vehicle.
  2. The songs can't just be your favourite song. (You might have to debate choices).
  3. No repeating of artists. (But solo/side projects don't count as repeat).
  4. Songs need to be somewhat recognizable for everyone. (Less obscure cuts).
  5. If possible 35% CanCon.
  6. Every selection is up for debate before going on the playlist.

I need to go through last years list and weed out what I didn't think were the very best selections.  Like I believe "Gimme Shelter" is better to drive to than "Paint it Black" for a Rolling Stones selection.

Is there a good song to end it with? God help you if you say "Free Bird." Although that is a good way to almost eat up 20min worth of time.

I pose the question to you what do you suggest are some great songs to drive to? Are they unlikely picks you found while scanning the radio on a road trip? Is it your "go to" song for every mixed tape you make for that long drive ahead of you?

Let me know I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts. When the playlist is complete I'll post it up here for debate.