Two Shits.

Sometimes I really dislike people and couldn't give two shits what they think.

I'm in the biography section. Space Cowboy is in current affairs. We are being fairly quiet we are in a book store after all. It is like an expensive library.

But someone isn't being quiet.

I'm not even sure if this lady was shopping in the bookstore or just popped her head in the door to start an argument with someone. She is the type of lady who writes to the paper about how teenagers wear their pants to baggy, or how cyclists should give the right of way to people on scooters on the bike path. Remember that nosey bitch in your neighbourhood growing up who always had something to yell at you for? That is her.

I've never been in a bookstore and heard such a commotion. She is arguing from the doorway with a man picking up a book at the till. Something about a dog but I can't see I'm on the other side of the store. Space Cowboy starts laughing and signals me to come closer. And here is where I pick it up.

Crazy Lady - "...Well how did it (dog) get in the store?"
Man - "I brought him in with me."
Crazy Lady - "Where is the leash?"
Man -"He doesn't need to wear one."
Crazy Lady - "It is town by-law! The dog HAS TO BE on a leash! And it isn't allowed in stores."
Man -"Well it is up to the owner of the store if I'm allowed to have the dog in here and off the lead. And she said it was okay."
Crazy Lady - "No she didn't!"
Lady from behind the counter says "Yes I did. The dog is fine."
Crazy Lady - "It is still against the by-laws!"
Man -"Actually, the leash by-law is for outdoors. Inside it is up to the owners of the dog and the store whether the dog is allowed off the leash. Have a good evening."

The argument goes on for another five minutes. The crazy lady gets no where and the argument ends with the man saying "Have a good evening" and the crazy lady saying "Do the right thing" repeatedly for a few minutes. This involves her going back and forth through the door multiple times.

After she leaves I head to the counter to be greeted by a beautiful black standard poodle sitting next to its owner. I ask if I can pat him, and the owner lets the dog come over and tells me the poodle never left his side for the entire time he was in the store. Sitting and waiting obediently for his owner to say they could leave.

Space Cowboy and I left the bookstore laughing about the situation and just saying to each other "Do the right thing." Another fun evening adventure in the town I live in.

Do people really need to start arguments and stir the pot just to liven up their own lives? But I guess I do live in Sidney.

Also I bet you thought this was going to be about poop.