Out of Context.

I'm in the liquor store buying beer (surprise!) and a girl I can't place walks by me. She gives me that knowing smile which I return and I'm off to pay for my purchase. I can't figure out where I know her from and this really bugs me because she is a good looking lady.

I finish paying for my beer and walk past her at another cashier being ID'd and I figure it out. She is one of the waitresses at the coffee shop I go to everyday before work.

I always find it so weird seeing people I see everyday at their work outside of their work. Be it at the liquor store, a restaurant, for a stroll by the ocean, or even weirder at the bar. They should be cooped up in that cramped farm bakery serving coffee and fresh baked goodies 24/7 not out in the real world.

I really started thinking about it as I was driving home. I started to think about how she knows lots about me. She knows I don't eat meat, the company I work for, what I order in the morning. I don't even know her name. She knows mine.

But I think the worst part is now I know something about her now and that is she has terrible taste in beer.