Happy Endings.

I love reading, but sometimes (about once a month) I enjoy being read to. So I pay for my monthly subscription to Audible to get an audiobook or two every month it is nice for long trips for work or work in general.

Recently I decided to re-read "Do Travel Writers go to Hell?" by Thomas Kohnstamm because I haven't been to the book store lately. Khonstamm mentions the novel "The Beach" several times and all I knew about it was that there was a film adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio.

So I decided that I'd download the audiobook (legally) and gave it a listen. I was actually quite surprised as I spent ten hours over the last two days that I hadn't read the book sooner. It was right up my alley. I love reading travel books because I can live vicariously through the pages but this one was a little different. It was fiction and a little outlandish at moments but I really did enjoy listening to it.

So once I finished it I did the write thing and got my hands on the film adaptation (illegally). Now I wasn't expecting it to be spot on because ever adaptation isn't always the same. Jurassic Park: The Lost World is a prime example of that because almost nothing is the same between the book and the film. Most of the film was accurate to the book but it always rubs me the wrong way when they leave out main characters and mix them with other sub characters.

The worst is when they change the ending. I love a good movie about losing or ending on a down note, because that is life. You don't always get the girl or some fancy email with a photo attachment of you all happy at one point. Sometimes your punk ass gets stabbed or you get raped by pirates.

I think that is my biggest complaint with adaptations. Why ruin a good thing?

Fuck happy endings!