Pillow Talk

I hate getting new pillows. I really do.

The other day I noticed my pillows smelled a little and had blood stains from the phantom nose bleed a few weeks ago. It wasn't my pillow cases or sheets because I was those weekly (yes ladies a guy who likes clean sheets).

So I put on my big boy pants and called my mom. We went to the department store so I could buy new pillows at a reasonable price.

Four pillows for $20! How could I go wrong?

Well they are big and fluffy which is the complete opposite of what I've been sleeping on for the last 6 months to year. My pillows are beaten to the right firmness and thickness (that's what she said) thinner than a phonebook and just as firm as a phonebook.

The problem is now I can't sleep on these big soft pillows. They are like sleeping on a cloud and I like sleeping on a park bench. So I grabbed my old pillows (not in the trash yet) and put all but one back on my bed. I kept one of the big soft pillows on there as well. When I get used to that one I'll swap out another old one and so on until they are all new pillows.

Hopefully I won't have this problem for another 6 months to a year.