I want to own a fancy axe  but just for show.

I'm in the market for an old fashioned red tool box. Maybe an antique.

I need a new tool box to free up some space in my tool bag that I use around the house and when building boats once a year. I don't need every single tool i own in the tool bag and a classic tool box would free me up from carrying everything.

Also it would double as a prop in the pilot I'm done writing. Well sort of... I've known for a while that i've wanted to write and direct a web series. Depending on how the pilot goes over (or how it gets made) I want to fundraise to make a 6 episode series.

So what is it about? Not giving that away just yet. It is going to be like a documentary/how to series. I've been toying with the idea for over 3 years. Thinking something similar to Put This On.

All I need to do is do some revisions get a cameraman, crew, designer of the internet, editor, and most importantly a host.

All in good time I guess.