Writers Block.

The following are some thoughts I scribbled on my hand today.

If someone came up to me and said "looks like someone has a case of the Mondays" I'd probably punch them in the throat.

It's been roughly a week of a horrible case of writers block. It isn't like things haven't happened I just kept drawing a blank. When my pen has hit the paper and turned up nothing. The same goes every time I tried to type something. Someone suggested that maybe it was because I took January off from drinking (for the most part). I had four beers since New Years and even that felt like too much.

I always think of the best jokes at your expense after I leave.

We are going to Cuba in November (maybe) and I think I need to go on vacation before going on vacation. My dad suggested I go to Cuba without my friends. I'm thinking of New York or Chicago. The latter of which I almost moved to last year to go to school. I keep forgetting to get on with my life and follow my dreams of being a  brew master, internet celebrity, professional photographer, and whatever else I dream of this week.

I don't really like going to America and why I want to go there on vacation is beyond me.

I'm going to finish this glass of whiskey and pour myself another in hopes of unblocking my writing.