The Dull Life.

I'm laying on the floor thinking right now. Well maybe not since I'm typing this but I am thinking sort of.

I'm thinking about how the traffic lights they are putting at the 4way stop is going to fuck up my commute. My commute is 5 minutes by car on a bad day and 15 minutes if I get breakfast made at the bakery. It is hard to believe soon I won't be living in the county just in another section of urban sprawl that has made its way to our place. Our barns will be replaced with "affordable" town houses and our orchard will be replaced by snot nose kids out to escape the suburbia they are forced to live in.

I'm thinking I need to get off my ass in gear and get this thing I call a life rolling. I keep getting asked why there are no ladies in my life? There is a simple answer and there is a long answer and neither of them are about me being gay (Sorry Shaynebow I like the ladies. You'll have to try someone else). And I'm not going to get into either.

I'm thinking of escaping to somewhere that isn't here. Travel was my first love and I've been bitten once again. Where I want to go is irrelevant and so is money. I just need a break from being me and focus on the road. My dream of travel writing/photography is still strong and last night I dreamt of making fake "Lonely Planet" business cards and seeing how much stuff I could do for free.

I'm thinking I just ran out of whiskey.