Reverb: Beautifully Different.

I can tell a girl came up with today's promt.

So I'm just going to list of a bunch of qualities that makes me "beautifully different" than everyone else or as I like to call it "The list of why Tyson is awesome."

- Award winning smile.
- Ability to make every sentence a sarcastic sentence.
- Able to grow a pretty nifty beard.
- Be friends with a lady and not become a crazed stalker.
- Be friends with a male and not become a crazed stalker.
- Drink a pot of coffee.
- Eat all the vegetables on my plate.
- Be quick at sex.
- Able to complain about everything and anyone.
- Poop with the door open.
- Do the dishes by hand.
- Cook for a lady, but only if they like grilled cheese sandwiches.
- Sleep in.
- Get up with less than 3 alarm clocks.
- Able to produce belly button lint on demand.
- Not be racist, all the time.
- Drink a six pack of beer in one sitting.
- Drink 8 beers in one sitting.
- Quote any Matthew Good song.
- Make up things for the sake of a shitty prompt.