Day 8: A Moment.

Gord Downie at The Rifflandia Music Festival.I think I covered this already in one of my Reverb posts, but here is another cool moment from this year.

Over the last few years I think I've really started to come into my own as a photographer. After years of doing stuff with The Zone I finally decided to do some stuff on my own. Not that I hadn't been already, but I wanted to launch my portfolio with a little bit of a resume. For the second year in a row I applied for photo cred for the Rifflandia Music Festival and got in.

Anyone can tell by looking at a majority of the photos that I enjoy and love taking concert photographs. There is something about having the band in front of you and the crowd behind you. Sometimes it feels like you are the only person there and you are getting a private concert from one of your favourite musicians. Sometimes the coolest moments are when you aren't taking pictures at all.

I was backstage bullshitting with a friend of mine while we watched the rest of the Jets Overhead set. While I'm fiddling with my camera he taps me on the shoulder and mouths "look to your left." Not 4ft away Gord Downie is standing there watching Jets Overhead play. After the band finishes a song he turns towards us and gives a knowing nod that almost said "yeah, I'm just a normal guy who loves music too." I returned the gesture with a nod back doing my best to not let on how I really felt. You know the feeling. The one that is all "Holy fuck, Gord Downie acknowledged me!"

It was definetly one of the cooler moments I've had backstage at a concert or with a Canadian music icon. I've met plenty of musicians in my day and I'm not trying to brag about it. I just think that it is always a cool feeling meeting someone you have incredible amounts of respect for no matter how brief the encounter is.