Reverb: Make.

Every year I put away the power tools and pull out the non-power tools. I'm talking about hammers, measuring tapes, screw drivers, and hand saws. All in hopes of defeating the biggest challenge of the year. The Build-A-Boat Race.

With our plans scribbled on a a beer soaked bar napkin we search for the finest but cheapest supplies to build our boat. With a budget of $100 we have to make a boat float and race worthy in open ocean waters. 2x4's, tarp, foam, nails, and the occasional "Q" sticker holds the boat together for about three minutes in the water. Usually our boat capsizes due to uneven weight distabution or the fact that a sail boat doesn't really work when it is made out by us.

Team Rocktopus was an obvious Crowd Favourite this year.