Day 7: Blog.

Ryley in Thailand.Recently my friend Ryley launched his travel blog, Journals Abroad.

He has only had it up and running for a month or so, and it is already hands down my favourite blog to read on a daily basis. I check back several times just to see if he has posted new content about his recent journeys around Asia and India. I already can't wait to see what kind of adventures he gets up to next month in Australia.

This might seem like a shameless plug for a friends blog, but it really isn't. Ryley's blog is well written and he talks about how it really feels to travel on your own. Dealing with the loneliness, overcoming language barriers, conquering mountains, and fighting off monkeys. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who loves traveling, reading about traveling, or is interested in reading some thought provoking and well written articles.

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