Day 5: Night Out.

The best nights out are the ones I don't remember. I don't mean the nights I get black out drunk, either. I just like to remember little pieces here and there from fun nights out with friends. Whether it is slumming in bar in Seattle, catching a great concert, or waking up "where hobos go to die" it is still the best night out.

So that is my cop out answer for the day. I was really going to write about the two specific nights out. The first was when the John Roderick show got cancelled in Seattle. It was the night when Darryl and I got really drunk at several bars in the downtown area. I was also going to talk about the night I don't remember from the summer I think it was Rozie's last day of work party.

I really couldn't remember the details without sound like a drunk.

Let's have a night out soon.