Reverb: Writing.

Today's prompt is about writing and what in your life prevents you from writing I think I have a fairly simple answer but none the less true.

More so than any other time in my life I've noticed that procrastination mixed with a little bit of apathy prevents me from writing 99% of the time. I enjoy writing and coming up with ideas but I have trouble sitting down to write them. I mean why should I write when I can watch the Top Gear: Polar Special for the 17th time. I'm constantly distracted by the internet among other things.

I'm trying to force myself to sit down everyday and write about something for at least 20 minutes a day. It doesn't have to make it onto my blog but I'd like it to. Often I'm not happy with what I write so I just scrap it. I don't save it to retool it and make it worthwhile to use in the future. I just throw it away.

I'm kind of inspired by the same philosophy Cortez had. When he reached the new world he burned his ships to motivate his men. I think if I throw away what I don't think is worthwhile I'll be motivated to write something worth someone's attention.

But seriously let's face it I'm a slacker.