Reverb: Moment.

There are a couple moments this year that have stuck with me.

I could talk about when my 7 month old nephew smiled at me as soon as he saw me the other day or the faint desperation and loneliness that came at cruising altitude somewhere over the Darian Gap. I could talk about one of my photos ending up on someone I sort of admires blog or I could talk about standing backstage at Rifflandia with Gord Downie.

The sun was shining down on us sitting at the Starbucks across from the street from the Tortoise. Waves of tourists, locals, and homeless surged past us. We just sat there quietly drinking our clover pressed coffee in silence watching the hordes move by. The cobble brinks under my feet were warm and sticky like the city air surrounding us. I sipped my hot coffee again and laughing to myself about how I was feeling. I'm never this comfortable surrounded by people in a foreign city but somehow I knew it was the first time I was truly happy in a very long time.

It's a trick of the mind.