On Comments.

I recently received an email in my personal email account from someone who wasn't pleased with me. I had/haven't done anything to wrong them by any means, but it had to do with my comments or lack there of on blogs. They stated they knew I read a certain blog and didn't understand why I wasn't responding to blog posts that were obviously directed towards me or were similar to my interests.

Before I get into my public response to said email I want to comment on well comments. Personally I love when people comment on my blog. I love the feeling of people contributing their own thoughts and feelings to what I write about. Sometimes I even respond to the comments left on here, but most of the time I let them sit there collecting dust. Why? I'm not quite sure, but I think the statement people leave there adds to the commentary of my blog post. I don't want that message cluttered by “Thanks for the comment, but...” I do respond to some comments, but not all. I do read every comment left on this blog. Originally when I started my blog in 2004 (all archives have disappeared since) I created it as an outlet for what I was feeling and thought. That is what this blog certainly is.

As for commenting on blogs, I read somewhere between 20 - 40 blogs and music blogs a day on top of tumblr. That is a lot of content to consume. I wish I had the ability to comment on everything I read, but that isn't me. I'm not going to comment for the sake of commenting. It is like the pointless reblog on tumblr. It's creating content for the sake of creating content. It is a waste of space in my opinion. It waters down and takes away from what the author has to say. If I'm just there to say “good job” and to pat them on the back what is the point?

If I have an idea, comment, or something I deem worth adding or responding to a blog I'll do it. Most times I think people have gotten what they need across and I dig it. I do respond once in a while, but mostly I silently lurk and read. That is why I read blogs. I simply enjoy reading what normal people think and do. I'm one and so are most people. I don't need to add my two cents or tell someone their opinion is wrong.

Everyday I look forward to reading certain blogs more than others. Most of those people know I read there blog, and are confident enough with what they do to not get petty. Demanding I comment on articles and blog posts. Said person hasn't even commented on this blog since its birth.

So why are we obligated to comment on blogs? I certainly think we have the option to silently lurk and just read about what we are interested without commenting. I really love what the commenters on my site have to say and I certainly read their blogs. I might not comment but they should know they are on my daily must read list.

To comment or not to comment that is the question.