Day 23: Web Tool.

Last year I got an invite to Brizzly. It kind of changed the way I tweet. This year nothing really changed the way I use the web.

In recent months I've become a supporter of tumblr. Not that I wasn't before I just use it more and more. It has its problems. Not working, full of porn, full of pointless reblogs, and teenage girls but I like using it. It is a nice side note to this blog. It means I don't have to clutter this up with music videos, music, and pictures I like and find interesting. Like here I don't use it everyday but and I only post what I'm interested in. Check out tsnldr: In the future there are no vowels.

Another helpful tool for the internet this year has been my iphone4. I'm connected all the time and I can get the things done I want to get done from my mobile. Although I've thrown away many hours playing Angry Birds.

Basically I'm saying throw away your life and get an iphone and tumblr.