Reverb: Travel.

I feel like I'm on repeat these days. When you don't think you accomplished all that much in the last year you seem to focus on the things you did. The same goes for traveling. This year I didn't do as much traveling as I'd normally have liked, but I still did some.

I drove around this beautiful province for work a few times. I worked a few weeks in Prince George, and other small outposts of western civilization. I ended up in Seattle 3 or 4 times because of concerts or a much needed escape from my head. Road-tripped it out to Quincy, WA for the Sasquatch music festival once again this year. I headed to Kingston, Ont. to visit the newest addition to the family and made the most of my short time in Peru. If you do some digging you can find blogs about all of these somewhere on here.

As for travel I'd like to do in the new year, does going everywhere count? I'm one of those people who dreams of photographing penguins in Antarctica, drinking vodka in Russia, seeing “Air Jaws” on the South African coast, going to Timbuktu and back, getting lost in the wilds of Mongolia, and other grand adventures.

As of this moment those are all pipe dreams, unless I win the lottery. Oh the joys of unemployment. Right now I have one tripped plan for sure. I plan on spending my 25th birthday at the Sasquatch Music Festival like I've done for the past few years.

Friends, drinks, music, and good times. That is how I'd like to travel in 2011.