Reverb: Future Self.

Future Tyson is just Past Tyson, but a couple years in the future. He's still the same guy more or less, but with a different set of goals, problems, and meaningless interests.

Future Tyson would probably tell me to pull up my boot straps, and get my shit together, but Future Future Tyson would probably say the same thing to Future Tyson. Confused?


I think recently I've been critical of myself in the past couple years because I'm slowly turning into Future Tyson, and I'm tired of being Past Tyson. When you think about it we are all that way though. Critical of ourselves because of the knowledge we have gained since we were younger. It is hard not to think of any point in my life when I thought that the Tyson from last week was better off or had the right idea about something.

I often think of myself as naive and a lofty dreamer who doesn't look at things realistically. Who would we be and how would the world be if we didn't dream big.

Just by writing this I have contradicted how I feel. By being super critical of myself, but letting myself getting off because maybe it is all building to something bigger.

Only time will tell because Future Tyson is really only regular Tyson just with more grey in his beard.