Day 20: New People.

There were a few new people in my life this year, and as you'd guess most importantly my nephew Dalix. He's an awesome little dude. I went out to Kingston, Ontario this summer to meet him and my sister and D came out for a visit for my dad's 50th birthday.

I also had the privilege of getting to know some people pretty well on the internet. It's weird to get to know people from the internet, it seems like something you'd be afraid of a couple years ago. I haven't met many in person due to geographical difficulties, but that doesn't mean anything. It's weird to have bonds with people you've never met. You've only read their words written on the cold glow of your computer screen. I think it is part of this new age and new generation of people. You don't just have to tolerate the people in your area, but can connect with people in the furthest reaches of the planet.

Technology is amazing for that one reason alone.