Tyson vs. Leftovers

My sister and nephew have been visiting for the past week. That means I've eaten dinner at my parents almost every night in the last week. That also means I'm taking home leftovers every night.

Now like every other North American I love the idea of left overs. You can save that food that extra food you made, and can have it for lunch or dinner the next day. Usually you'll eat it but sometimes you don't. I hate wasting food. Especially now that people are making special meals for me because I have to be different.

I'm a vegetarian. My food generally costs more and doesn't always taste the best to non meat eating individuals. So when my family makes me a huge dish of spaghetti and pasta sauce with veggie ground round I have to put in a good show and eat as much as I can. Despite being a big guy (I'm fat no need to be polite) I don't have the biggest appetite so there is always left overs.

The thing is I just feel guilty for not eating the leftovers. I try my best to eat them all because I know my family went out of their way to make them for me but I can only eat so much. I've had spaghetti 3 times this week, shepherds pie 3 times, stir fry twice, and the list goes on. Today I threw out the rest of the spaghetti sauce because lets be frank it was probably a day or two past the optimal freshness. It made me feel like I should have tried harder to eat it all but I know I couldn't. There are no longer any leftovers in my fridge and I hope there won't be for a while I need to go back to making single meals for myself were there is no leftovers.

I'm glad family guilt has sunken itself into my leftovers.